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Cobb County Students
Make Yourselves at Home!

Life University can be an educationally smart choice and an economically wise option to consider, especially with a 20% scholarship for Full-time enrolled students. Fill out the form for more information and ┬áto see if you’re eligible!


Yes, that’s right. 20% Tuition and Fees Scholarships for any Life U undergraduate program available to Cobb County residents at time of application.


Students enrolling at Life U must have a 3.0 high school GPA at the time of entrance to Life University.


Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA while at Life U to keep the scholarship. Undergraduate transfer students with a Cobb County residence must have a transfer GPA of 2.75 to obtain the scholarship.

2023 Summer

The scholarships begin with the Summer 2023 Quarter.


If you’re at Life U on an athletic scholarship, you’re still eligible. You’re allowed a total of 20% discount on tuition and fees, or the amount of your athletic scholarship, whichever is greater.